Monteverde, Day 9 in Costa Rica

Photo taken with cell phone through a birding telescope c2018 Michael Bade “Female Purple Throated Mountain Gem”

We had a wonderful day today with our bird guide in the cloud forest. A cloud forest we learned, differs from a rain forest in that it is in a high elevation rather than low, and gets it’s moisture from low shrouding clouds. Our guide Arian Mendez has been guiding for 25 years and knew every bird song, every bird name in Latin, English, Spanish and German as well as being able to spot them when to the naked eye they looked like so many leaves in a tree. He had a powerful scope on a tripod from which we could see the birds right up close. A cell phone camera pointed in at the eye piece gave almost as good and sometimes better images than I could get on my expensive Sony camera with it’s 600mm lens.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to upload my photos until I return but I did get some incredible shots and video of really beautiful birds.

Two days ago we did the zip lines which were invented here and have the longest zip lines in the Southern Hemisphere. While it was a good bit of fun it didn’t really bring you in touch with nature. Flying over the trees at 50 miles an hour you aren’t focused on much but your heart and trying to hang on for dear life.

The food here is good. Canada’s are what we are mostly eating and they range around 3300 to 4000 colones $6 to 7.50 per plate. It’s a mountain of food though and most are really delicious.


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