The Worlds Smallest Well Cleaning Rig

One of the effects of the flooding in Cambodia was that polluted water poured into wells used for drinking water. MCC gave water filters to people in villages without wells. But we also knew that health standards could be improved if we could clean existing wells in villages where they had them. With MCC money a local NGO called LOVE Cambodia was able to hire some of the most portable well cleaning machines I have ever seen. I was amazed and I think you will be too.
You can watch the video here:

Grandfather So Kea and his wife Pov Leng are both 70 years old. They are working rice farmers who have a family of 7 living with them and trying to make ends meet. The flooding devastated their half hectare of rice just after it was planted and stayed underwater for over 6 weeks.

“ My well was under the water during the flood and during at this time my family took water from the well at the pagoda which is up on the hill. We also collected rain water until the dry season started a month ago. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to save enough to feed my family during this time. But even with money no one would come clear out to our village to clean our well. So we are very grateful that an organization could mount this effort to help us villagers.

It has been good for me to see that the solutions to clean water aren’t expensive. For the price of a water filter for camping a friend of mine bought at REI in Seattle, MCC in Cambodia can provide 9 whole families with water filters they will use everyday for the next 10 years.


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