Fun day with Hygiene Kits

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As my partner Lisa said “it’s always worth the bruising moto ride out to the school. The enthusiasm of the students and teachers is inspiring and it’s good to see that the water has receded from the school building and the children are studying again.” The organization we volunteer for MCC Cambodia was able to purchase Hygiene Kit materials locally and distribute them to all the students in the very rural Angkearhdei Elementary School. The director Sat Mern facilitated getting local health care trainers to come in and train the teachers so they could do a training with the children in order to facilitate best use of the kits by each family.

Mok Aim from our Prey Veng office facilitate the purchasing and delivering of supplies. Because of it’s remoteness and the terrible road conditions the truck delivering the kits couldn’t make it all the way to the school. So the teachers had to drive motorcycles out and carry the supplies the last mile on their motos.

To see a video of the Hygiene Kit distribution and training click here:


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