Flooding in Siem Reap

Siem Reap Sept 24, 2011

Flood waters have prevented us from taking a boat to Batambong. Go figure! It took us close to an hour for our mini bus to get us to the bus station only to find that the bus had gone though the flood waters downtown. When we arrived people were waiting in thigh deep water and we had to wade into the bus. All the luggage had to go inside the isles of the bus. All the motorcycle shops have been swamped (pun intended) all morning with people who have water in their engines. But our bus is attempting to leave town. We were scheduled for a boat but after getting up at 5 AM we found that the boat wasn’t running. So we bought tickets on a 8:30 AM bus only to be informed that that wasn’t going to be going either. So I worked all morning trying to get a taxi and we changed our tickets to the 1:30 PM bus. Our friends Kirsten and Daren got a taxi out and then I found one that would take all 4 of us and our luggage. But then the bus wouldn’t refund the bus tickets. So as of now we are on the 1:30 bus which left at 2:15 and we have our fingers crossed.


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